Statement from Chair of Trustees

Swindon Borough Council is proposing to cut funding for volunteering from the Infrastructure Contract in the 2016/7 Budget. The contract had been delivered by Voluntary Action Swindon, who sub-contracted ‘volunteering’ to Volunteer Centre Swindon.

We are concerned that this cut may have an impact on the service we deliver to over 300 local organisations to support them involving volunteers in their work and activities.   It may also impact on the people of Swindon who want to give their time to help others, and use our services to find out about volunteering.

We have expressed our views on this decision as part of the Budget Consultation.

We have the backing of NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) who have said “Volunteering is of enormous value to our local communities, but is not cost free. Having built up such a strong and effective Volunteer Centre in Swindon, which is the envy of many local authorities, it would be very damaging if the Council was to lose the local knowledge and expertise which resides within this crucial service.”


We are working very hard to try and secure a vibrant future for Volunteer Centre Swindon to deliver projects and services for volunteering in Swindon.


John Fowler



Volunteer Centre Swindon

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