Volunteer Centre Swindon is reliant on grants and donations to help it deliver services.
As of April 1st 2016 it receives no funding from Swindon Borough Council.
Its work is funded through a range of funders and donors.
If you decide to support us with a donation you can be assured that this will go directly into funding our services.


How your donation will help:-

It will help us support over 300 local charities and community groups!

Without our help, many local charities and community groups would struggle to find the volunteer help they need, some might even close!

By giving your gift today we can give an unemployed person the chance to rebuild their life!
The recession has hit hard and deep in Swindon. Last year, 33% of individuals who sought our help were unemployed people. Volunteering can give people back their self esteem and confidence and help keep skills up to date.

Taking part in an event or even running your own means that we can continue to give volunteers with extra support needs life changing opportunities.

Did you know that in in Swindon people with extra support needs may struggle to play an active role in our community? People with extra support needs have lots to offer and want to give something back too! Volunteering is a great way for people to realise their potential and become active citizens. We can help them make their first steps into volunteering with appropriate support. Please contact us if you would like to organize a fundraising event for us.

What your donation can achieve:

  • £10 could help us to find a much needed volunteer for a local community group
  • £25 could pay for a trained adviser to help a new volunteer find a role that is just right for them
  • £50 could help us support a local organisation with advice and training to recruit volunteers.
  • £100 could keep us supplied with information for new volunteers!

If you would prefer to donate with cash or a cheque that will be most welcome too!  Please Gift Aid your donation by download our form

Volunteer Centre Swindon is a registered charity.  To see our financial reports please go to the Charity Commission website


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