I need volunteers

Are you looking for volunteers to get involved in your organisation?  Volunteer Centre Swindon can help:

What we can do:

We can register your volunteering opportunities and promote them to any prospective volunteers through our drop-in centre, telephone or e-mail enquiries, our latest opportunity leaflets and community events.  We can also upload your information to do-it.org, the national volunteering database, which allows people to search online for opportunities.

Download & complete the opportunity registration form

What we can’t do:

We can’t provide volunteers to order.  We provide information about volunteering opportunities to people rather than information about prospective volunteers to organisations.  It is then up to those individuals to make contact with you.

We can’t find volunteers to help individual people.  In order to use our service, you have to be a not for profit organisation or statutory body and have insurance that covers volunteers.


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