Our Core Functions

What do Volunteer Centres do?

Volunteer Centres provide support at a local level for individual volunteers and volunteer involving organisations. They have five core functions:

1. Strategic Development of Volunteering

Outcome: Through the activity of the Volunteer Centre and its engagement with local networks and decision makers there is a positive environment in which volunteering is flourishing.

2. Good Practice Development

Outcome: Through the activity of the Volunteer Centre; organisations from all sectors (involving or providing volunteers) improve or attain positive consistency in their volunteering programmes.

3. Developing Volunteering Opportunities

Outcome: The Volunteer Centre’s development activity increases and improves the quantity, quality, and diversity of volunteering locally.

4. Voice of Volunteering

Outcome: Through the Volunteer Centre’s activities there is an increased awareness of the issues impacting on volunteering.

5. Brokerage

Outcome: Through the Volunteer Centre’s activities the general public and all sectors are better informed about and have access to an effective and efficient brokerage service. Matching both individuals and groups interested in volunteering with appropriate opportunities in the local community. Volunteer Centres hold information on a comprehensive range of opportunities and offer potential volunteers support and advice matching their motivation to volunteer with appropriate volunteering opportunities


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